Pasargadae is a historical complex belonging to Achaemenid period. The complex which was established by Cyrus the Great (6th century BC) had been the dynastic capital of Achaemenids. The remains of the complex are consisted of different parts including: 1-Tel-e Takht which had a defensive application 2- Pasargadae palace containing a pavilions, garden and stony ponds 3- A prison 4- The tomb of Cyrus the great, the founder of Achaemenid dynasty. Pasargadae is located 135 kms awat from Shiraz and was inscribed as UNESCO Heritage Site in 2004. It is worth visiting Pasargadae in your Iran trip!





Pasargadae palace layout






The tomb of Cyrus the Great







Tal-e Takht








Remains of a pavilion in Pasargadae complex





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