Festivals in Iran

Festivals in Iran



Festivals in Iran are a lovely part of Iranian culture which draw many tourists to have Iran tour. These festivals are generally categorized into two main groups: Persian festivals and religious festivals. Persian festivals are the ones which take their root in ancient Iran and have survived by this time, for instance Nowrooz, Sadeh, Charshanbeh Soori, Sepandarmazgan, Sidah Be Dar and monthly festivals are some of the examples of this type. Religious festivals are also another type of ceremonies carried out in Iran, the most important ones of which are: Nimeh Shaban, Ghadir, Ghorban, Fetr etc. Journeytopersia as an Iran tour operator can arrange the best Iran tour Package for you to enjoy any Iranian festival in your Iran trip.



Nowrooz festival 





Charshanbe Soori festival







Nimeh Shaban festival






Yalda festival


Festivals i...

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